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My true Curriculum Vitae

curriculum vitae

My girlfriend spoke wise words when she told me that I’m not living a typical life. Faced with the same old problems of getting a visa and a job, I worried about the next steps to take, knowing full well that really I have no idea of what to do with my life other than to keep moving. After having lived on 3 different continents, I’ve found that no matter what part of the world I’m in, if I do the same things the results will stay the same.

All of this has come from my search for a vocation. My normal curriculum vitae changes regularly: the country code of my phone number, an updated address and the justification of the gaps in my CV. These gaps look bad in the eyes of a perspective employer, but really are evidence of an alternative lifestyle.

Because of these gaps, my age and my qualifications I feel that all I can aspire to at the moment is a life in customer service. However with this post I’ve decided to change my current tactic of crossing my fingers and hoping that some charitable soul offers me a job in spite of my visa status. I have decided to try something different.

I would like to now present you with MY TRUE CURRICULUM VITAE. This is for anyone who wants to read it, offer a suggestion or even better, offer me a job. This is who I am and what I have done with my life; my interests, my passions and what I am good at. It’s everything that you shouldn’t put on a traditional curriculum vitae. It’s a page out of my life: what I have done and who I am.


Name: Juan.
Contact: Form on the left of the page (Contactame).

Work Experience 

In Uruguay I worked in the civil service, in a financial company as a messenger, as an insurance consultant and on a radio programme about basketball, as well as landing some roles as an actor and extra on advertisements and in short films. I also had a brief stint in property management for the U.S. market and in restocking socks in a factory.
In Ireland I worked delivering newspapers, holding billboards on the street, as an extra in movies and TV series, as a Mexican chef, and lastly in a tourist attraction cleaning dishes, dealing with Spanish speakers and doing translations from English to Spanish.

In Hong Kong I worked finding new clients for a Uruguayan company looking to sell amethysts in the region. It was my job to find buyers to help their expansion.

Education and Languages

I have a Bachelor in Management from the Universidad del Trabajo del Uruguay. I studied logistics and also spend a year in the Faculty of Economic Sciences, though I didn’t complete any of the modules.

My mother tongue is Spanish and I speak English fluently (C1/C2). I’m also learning Hungarian (A1) and have a very basic level of Portuguese, Italian and French (I can understand the context when I listen and read).
I also studied Esperanto for a semester, but don’t remember any of it. 


I am passionate about my family tree and have spent 10 years researching it. I have been able to confirm the dates of birth of family members from the beginning of the 1800s and have traced a line all the way back the 1100s (unconfirmed as of yet). My roots span at least 10 different countries. 

Throughout my life I have spent varying amounts of time playing basketball, football, volleyball and Gaeilic football, doing athletics, crossfit, fencing, taekwondo and triathlon, running races of 10k and 21k, and swimming. 

I love researching and finding out information on any subject, and after I’ve found some information it usually leads me on the next subject. Because of this love, I’ve become very familiar with reading about historical events from the founding of Rome to the Second World War. 

In addition, I also enjoy writing in my blog and scribbling down thoughts on anything in general. 


I have lived on 3 different continents, visited 19 countries and have gotten to know all 19 departments in my country. 

I have been a part of Mensa International for 6 years. Mensa is a non-profit organisation for people with high IQs. It’s located in the UK and all applications are submitted by post. Because I was so anxious to find out the result of the entrance test I took the test to get into Mensa Argentina too. I got into both organisations. 

In December 2014 my girlfriend and I published an electronic book called Moving to Hong Kong. The aim of this book was to provide everyone who wants to move to Hong Kong with useful information and first-hand advice on everything you need to start from scratch in this Special Administrative Region of China.

I participated in the Maths Olympics 10 years ago. 

I came third in a half triathlon and participated in more than 40 10k races in 2 years. 

I represented my city in the Uruguayan Youth Games (juegos de la juventud del Uruguay) for athletics. 


My objective in showing you MY TRUE CURRICULUM VITAE like this is to try and find a way of earning money in a way that really fits me – something that I haven’t been able to find yet. 

Please feel free to share this, and if you have any honest and serious proposals, don’t hesitate to contact me using the form at top left of the screen.
(Please don’t send spam, anything illegal, anything sexual, pyramid schemes, etc).

I ask whoever reads this for their creativity and interest to help me make the change that I am looking for. 

Thank you!

Juan Patrick
"There is a driving force more powerful than steam, electricity and atomic energy: the will.
Albert Einstein.

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