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Short stories: Prague

Later on we were looking around for some souvenirs and we found a place to drink the long awaited Illy coffee.
The day was going perfectly; we were able to take a break before the beginning of the beer tour where we would delight of great czech beers.
The trip was fabulous; the weather was ideal and that coffee, ¡wow! it was a black elixir.

When I reached the little coffee shop window; a pretty little place with only 2 tables outside for customers; this situation was born:

- Hiya, 2 big coffees please (radiant joy)
- Here or take away? (barking and with a face like a smacked arse)

I didn't really mind so I answered her - Here, thanks.

So the girl cleaned the filter there and then; she just forgot to spit on it to make it into a TV prank show. Next she put in a new coffee, ¡Illy of course! and when she switched on the machine, which had more buttons than Robocop, an innocent Uruguayan guy with a silly face started taking photos of the inside of the shop, where there were millions of Illy coffee jars in an endless number of sizes, from a tiny one like a glass to a massive one like a whiskey barrel.
At that moment, the lady who wasn’t able to get cheap smile deals on Amazon kept making the magic. When she saw me, she saw me and told me - Stop taking photos.
I was in shock, I'd never expected that definite "Stop taking photos"; she turned her eyes back to the machine, and being absorbed with her lack of manners, transformed abruptly and said:

- Wha'?
- No photos
- Why can't I take photos?
- ¡Because no!

It took me a second; I put my camera away, looked at her and while shooting her a haughty wink, finished it with a - You know what,  now I don't want any coffee!"; the girl fell in shock, reddened and all the while I was coming back to my mum and saying to her – Let’s go.... now, let’s go; she was screaming:

- And the coffee?

- I don't know, it's not my problem; now I don't want it

There she was, the girl in her dark coffee shop, alone like a soldier with only a fork, with a new, full filter in her hand and without a fucking customer.

I took the photo anyway... ;)

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